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Hi Im popping in to say please consider donating to Honey shes really sick and such a sweet girl...her owner really needs to get her surgery, her belly is bloated with unknown liquid that is potentially life threatening, and she isnt able to go to the bathroom anymore so her feces could be building up inside her and really hurting her. Her owner does not have the money to pay for her surgery and her parents aren't supportive of the situation, she really needs help

Please boost this if u can Ive never met Honey but just by looking at her u can tell shes a beautiful girl who deserves to live a happy life, please donate if u can or just boost ;_;

Here is the link 2 the gofundme

Hi!!!! Im sitll alive Im sry 4 still not replying its just Rough yaknow...soon I will gsjdkg

I rly feel like Im not having fun drawing anymore (hence inactivity) N i wanted to try to rly get my Head in the Game again but I hate my art now its gotten rly stale....
I want to take an experimental comm that I rly go all out on (or try at least)!!!! I think my arts been rly stagnant and I wanna shake it up

Im thinking of charging like $15 usd ?? Idk if many ppl will rly be interested bc Ive been gone so logn but feel free to order one even if someone already posted bc I want to draw a design I can rly get into (so basically its not first come first serve)

Anthros and humans are both ok! It might not look identical 2 my style Ive posted on here bc I want to experiment and try harder *_* ........
Thank You! Rainbow Message 
Hai Im not dead just so u know! I just kinda am taking a break...Im still having physical issues that make it difficult 2 draw but also I kinda feel like im in a slump with my art, It feels like my art has gone a little stale x_x

Ill probably end up drawing some fanart I have been rly into stuff lately (me and my gf are playing tales of berseria ghsjfdkghdfskggsjkdfgdskjfghsdjgs)

I rly wanna buy dlc btu I dont have money rn, would anyone wanna trade paypal 4 points! I have 1474 pts!

Anyway  Iwill try not 2 b gone 4 too much longer, I probably wont b open 4 comms 4 a while bc I wanna experiment b4 I open them again but Ill be back!!!!!!!! Higurashi - Rena Raise Hand 
Hai Im still on hiatus T.T But would any1 fancy tradin some paypal money 4 points................
I hae the points U have the usd!!
It would make me feel better if u sent the money first unless were mutuals then I dont mind sendin the points first!!Chibi Yuri Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!HoopaConfinedplz 
Hai this is my permanent comm journal I need 2 take comms in order 2 get thru daily life as an owner of the Nintendo Switch tm

Plez read my tos: HERE

Ghost Divider - Free by etNoir


Im learning 2 shade thank u god by dhelmise A GOOD BOY by dhelmise I watched K-on while drawing this by dhelmise Sparkley by dhelmise Eereoowr...? by dhelmise

* Flat colors - $15/1500pts
* Shaded - $20/2000pts
Rainbow heart Price may go up depending on character complexity


Newborn dog who does magic tricks and is cute by dhelmise I love my nintendo switch by dhelmise Stop of touching my wings I hurt by dhelmise

* Flat colors - $12/1200pts
* Shaded - $16/1600pts
Rainbow heart Price may go up depending on character complexity
Rainbow heart Only furries 4 these


Hghfjdsssssss by dhelmise My hoopa is...*record scratch* a MOEBLOB?! by dhelmise Ba ba baba ba badabada hes my baby baba ba ba baba by dhelmise LETS JUMP!! by dhelmise U can already guess the file name 4 this image by dhelmise Local Dad Embarrasses Ghost Son - You'll Never Bel by dhelmise Smal by dhelmise AHHHHH!!!!!!! SCARY by dhelmise My greatest joy is getting commed 2 draw ghosts by dhelmise DOKI DOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by dhelmise

* Flat colors - Starts at $6/600pts
* Shaded - Starts at $8/800pts
Rainbow heart Actual pricing will differ between pokemon since pokemon all look very different from each other w differing complexities!
Rainbow heart The above prices r just starting prices 4 the most simple of pokemon, I will give u actual price once u let me know what pokemon u want me 2 draw!
Rainbow heart Team comms prices also will vary depending on complexity, but it will likely be at least $30/3000pts for a team of 6 shaded pokes (again, base price for simple pokes)
Rainbow heart I can also draw/design a trainer with their pokes 4 additional cost!!! =3

Free- Micro Halloween Divider by gutterface


Comm type: Shaded anthro, flat chibi, pokemon, ect
Paypal or points: Put paypal email if ur paying thru paypal
Character ref(s):
Character info: Personality, likes, dislikes, ect. More info the better!!
Transparent, flat color bg, simple bg: Simple bg will b a small additional cost

Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
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barafrog ⭐ Arthur ⭐ not started


Trade w cmoontoon of Tilly
Custom sugarcore from Gebakje 
Icon from goldiwi 
Trade w barafrog of ME